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The Digital Transformation of Enterprise Business and How to Stay Ahead

Every couple of years a new concept in digital marketing comes to dominate the discussion more than any other. For the past few years, the issue on the minds of most enterprise businesses has been that of digital transformation. Digital transformation is a concept so broad that it generates many different definitions. Loosely speaking, however, […]

Why Video is the Game Changer Your Audience Needs

Video was once considered an add-on element to digital strategy, more of a nice-to-have than an essential tool. But, over the past few years video streaming has improved by leaps and bounds, and each of us now always has a tiny screen with us, enabling us to consume video wherever and whenever we want. The […]

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

Digitization in the Life Sciences Sector Whether it’s biotech, pharma, or MedTech, the life sciences space has lagged behind other industries in technology advancement, in part due to high regulations as well as other compliance, data security, and privacy challenges.  During my time analyzing the sector several years ago, I was fascinated with advancements in […]

Diving into the Minds of Consumers: Understanding Consumer Intent

We’ve all heard the phrase “the customer is always right,” and never has this been more true than in the consumer-centric world we live in today. The advent of the internet has given consumers the tools to be able to research any company, product, or service they need. This, in turn, means that brands need […]

Ecommerce Customization: How Technology is Changing the Way Online Stores are Built

If you looked into a reverse crystal ball at the last 10 years in online stores, you’d find a lot of nostalgic relics. While the first-ever website was technically built in 1991, the text-based, GIF-heavy, slow-to-load storefronts from back then are a far cry from what customers experience today.  The creation of the world wide web […]

In Commerce, Content is King (or Queen)

How online shopping is becoming valued more for the shopping experience. In 2017, the New York Times published a piece titled An Ode to Shopping Malls, outlining the story of one man, Dan Bell, who spends his time documenting walking tours through what he calls “dead malls”, the sprawling, 800,000+ sq. feet consumer playgrounds that once […]

Survey: Gauging Consumer Opinions on Paid Social Media Ads

Blue Fountain Media surveyed over 1,000 US consumers between the ages of 18-55 to learn more about their experiences, sentiments, and behaviors when served paid ads on social media platforms. We wanted to get a better sense of consumers’ perceptions around brand authenticity as it relates to paid social, and what role organic social plays […]

Influencer Content Amplification

Even though influencer marketing is now widely accepted as an effective, and even an essential, marketing channel, problems with organic reach continue to plague brands and influencers alike. Back in 2016, Instagram changed its algorithm and the content was no longer available in reverse chronological order but instead was shown in an order based on […]

How Your Company’s Contact Us Form Plays a Huge Role in Securing Leads

There are hundreds of factors, both big and small, that combine to determine a website’s conversion rate. Among the most important, and the most often neglected, of these factors is the contact form. This little form is sometimes neglected in the website strategy and design process, getting tacked on at the end without too much […]

Building Brand Awareness to Create a Competitive Edge

Every brand has competitors, and every brand spends a significant amount of time and energy trying to establish or maintain an edge over these competitors. Unfortunately, there’s no single silver bullet marketing technique that will allow your brand to outfox the competition. Success will come down to a multitude of factors, but one of the […]