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Why Having a Great Homepage Message Matters

Crafting great website content is a delicate art. It takes sharp insight and a deep understanding of the intended audience to get it right. Homepage messaging is especially delicate because it requires you to be able to say a lot in the most compelling manner possible — all in the space of a very short […]

How Visual Search Works and Why it Matters

Visual search has been around in some form or the other for about a decade now, but it hasn’t always been particularly effective. In the past few years, however, new technologies have enabled companies to develop more advanced visual search capabilities. Finally, visual search has become a tool that is reliably useful. In this article […]

Why creating an effective B2B Site Experience for Your Brand Is Important

For B2B brands, the fact that most deals take place offline and still rely heavily on face-to-face interaction between prospective customers and sales reps, can make it tempting to dismiss the importance of the B2B website. However, underestimating how important an effective website is even—and perhaps especially—to B2B users, is a big mistake. The fact […]

Voice Search: What It Is and Why It Matters

Voice search has been a buzzy topic in digital marketing for the past few years, and it’s likely to continue dominating conversations in the marketing arena for years to come. By now we all have heard this famous prediction by ComScore that – “By 2020, half of all searches will be conducted via voice.” It only makes sense that […]

Marketers, It’s Time to Prepare for 5G

It’s impossible to predict with one hundred percent accuracy the impacts any technological innovation will have on the future. Innovation in one area inevitably causes unforeseen ripple effects elsewhere. We can’t be sure what all of the effects of the rise of 5G technology will be, but we can make a handful of educated predictions […]

Content Marketing Survey: Breaking it Down

We recently polled over a thousand internet consumers, aged 18-55, and asked them about their content marketing preferences. The survey’s goal was to identify market shifts and consumer trends that affect digital marketers, and relate those findings to content marketing efforts. Below we’re recapping what we consider to be the key findings from the survey, […]

Digital Marketing Myths in 2019: Telling Fact from Fiction

As an industry, digital marketing has always been plagued by rumors and myths about what works and what doesn’t. With a wide array of approaches and strategies available to implement  (and each of them with their own diehard advocates), it’s not surprising that there’s confusion about what businesses need to do in order to achieve […]

Important Tips for Redesigning Your Brand’s Logo

Few things are more central to a brand’s identity than its logo. This small visual component does a tremendous amount of legwork in creating brand awareness, building a connection with consumers, and making your company recognizable in the marketplace. Because your logo is something consumers, clients, and customers will see nearly every time they encounter […]

Data is Behavior – How to Deploy Predictive Analytics to Enhance Digital Experiences

Almost anyone with a website uses some form of analytics to understand past user behavior and to make decisions for future marketing campaigns based on that data. However, the sheer volume of data most companies collect these days makes it nearly impossible for any mere mortal to isolate useful insights without the help of AI. […]

How COVID-19 is Impacting Global Industry

Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly clear to people, all over the world, that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are going to be significantly deeper, farther-reaching and longer than most of us could have imagined even as the Coronavirus began leaping from China to Europe. As people begin practicing stricter measures […]