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The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Finance

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is helping to transform businesses in a whole host of industries by powering the automation of the repetitive tasks that commandeer employee focus and time better spent on more complex work. In this article we’re going to dive into the subject of robotic process automation, covering what its benefits are […]

What chatbots need to assure consumer trust

Chatbot technology has the power to revolutionize the customer service experience. These bots are always available and they can access and process information far faster than humans can. They are, however, still developing and improving, and there’s more that needs to be done before they can fully win the trust of consumers. How consumers feel […]

Understanding Real World Data and its Impact on the Life Sciences Industry

In the healthcare context, the amount of patient data being generated continues to balloon with every passing year. Such huge swaths of data, unimaginable a few decades ago, have the power to transform the future of the life sciences industry and improve patient outcomes. Defining Real World Data (RWD) According to the FDA, real world […]

Online privacy concerns still top of mind in 2019

2018 was a year marked by privacy scandals in the tech sector. These scandals, which were the focus of much media attention and government scrutiny, have helped to make issues of online privacy and data security a point of greater concern for average consumers. By now the general public has come to expect that data […]

How mobile engagement will change in 2020

We’ve reached a point where consumers now expect every aspect of the web to be available via mobile. There’s seemingly nothing left that we won’t do on mobile, which means that mobile experiences that are inconvenient, incomplete, or simply unenjoyable represent lost opportunities to connect with consumers. Meeting the mobile moment is a business imperative, […]

BFM @ Masterclassing: How You Can Do Paid Media Better

Earlier this week, our Director of Content, Bryn Dodson, joined other leading marketers as a featured speaker at Masterclassing’s Paid Social & Influencer event in New York. The event gathered decision-makers from brands including Goldman Sachs, Lego, NBA, and Verizon, and brought marketing experts together to share their insights into the changing world of digital media. Bryn used […]

How Consumers Feel About AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most ground-breaking technologies the world has ever seen, and industry leaders and marketers pretty much universally recognize the impact AI will have on every aspect of business and consumer life. But the fact that marketers are all in on AI doesn’t mean that consumers necessarily feel the same […]

Farewell to Magento 1: Choosing your next eCommerce platform

If your brand’s eCommerce experience is built on Magento 1, you have little more than a month to make the switch to a new platform. On June 30th, Magento will sunset its Magento 1 offering. Businesses using it will have to choose a new eCommerce platform, whether that’s moving on to Magento 2 – the […]

How Digital Innovation Affects Brick and Mortar Experiences

E-commerce will not be the death of the in-store shopping experience, but there’s no denying that its advent has had far-reaching effects. Most importantly, it has given consumers a greater number of purchasing options and created a higher expectation of convenience. Brick and mortar isn’t dead, but it does need to evolve in order to […]

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

Your employees and business must change their habits far in advance in order to be prepared properly for a disaster. Long before Hurricane Sandy, SARS, or Covid-19 our employees have been storing their files in the cloud with backups on multiple continents at the press of a button. These actions are seamless to employees but integral […]