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A Helpful Guide to Website Redesign

Your company website is the face of your brand online. It has to not only deliver a strong and favorable first impression, but also cater for and engage each of your unique user groups. The combination of swiftly changing technology, design aesthetics, and user preferences means that even websites that were on the cutting edge […]

COVID-19 Emergency Response Translation

Prompt and accurate information is critical in crisis situations, like the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our parent company, Pactera EDGE, has launched a new solution to help businesses respond rapidly to the disruptions caused by the outbreak: Emergency Response Translation. This new offering helps businesses quickly translate COVID-19 related information into multiple languages for global audiences. All profits […]

The Meaning Behind Facebook’s 2019 Rebranding Strategy

It has been a difficult three years for Facebook. The company’s reputation has suffered under the weight of multiple public relations disasters, including the Cambridge Analytics data scandal, allegations that it stood idle while its platform was used to incite violence and hate in Myanmar, and most recently its refusal to agree to take down […]

Falling into Q4

For many businesses, particularly those in the e-commerce and the brick-and-mortar retail space, Q4 is the most important of the year. Though holiday shopping traditionally kicks off with the end of Thanksgiving and the ever-expanding week of Black Friday sales, preparation for the holiday season should begin as early as October. With Q4 officially underway […]

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Pace of Digital Transformation

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country and around the globe, the ripple effects caused by the virus have been far-reaching. The pandemic is bringing economies to a standstill and stretching healthcare systems far beyond their limits. Particularly, a rising question for businesses is what the pandemic will signify for the future of digital […]

Why Tracking User Behavior is Essential to your Brand’s Marketing Success

You may have noticed a trend happening online in the past decade: where once the default approach to digital selling was to push products and services at all costs, these days providing value to the consumer and meeting the user on their own terms is becoming the guiding principle. In this article we’ll look at […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Life Sciences

In the coming decade, there will be few industries that aren’t impacted by the increasing sophistication and availability of artificial intelligence. AI is certain to influence companies across every sector by optimizing operations, automating processes, and disrupting current business models. AI holds particular promise for the life sciences sector, where it has the potential to […]

How COVID-19 has Forced Innovation in Higher Education

Higher education is not a field that is always easily associated with digital innovation. Institutions often find themselves beholden to legacy systems and fighting to earn buy-in across a diverse group of stakeholders all with unique objectives. These factors have limited the extent to which innovation was achievable in the past. But as the COVID-19 […]

BFMer of the Month: Irina Likhashkina

Every month, BFM recognizes an all-star team member as its “BFMer of the Month.” We’re excited to name our Art Director, Irina Likhashkina, as our October recipient! We sat down with Irina to discuss her journey in the Digital Marketing industry, as well as her role here at Blue Fountain Media. Check out of the full interview below! […]

The Power of Case Studies as a Marketing Tool

We’ll hazard a guess that most brands don’t think of case studies as the most exciting marketing trick in the toolbox. Case studies might even seem a little humdrum when stacked up against new technologies and the latest developments in social media. But leaving case studies out of your marketing strategy means leaving an incredibly […]